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Single Origin Specialty Coffee

Available only in 12 oz. Whole Bean.

Farmer produces one of the best cups in his department/coffee region. Coffee Profile: Delicate Fruit Acidity Silky, Medium Body, and Sweet Aromatic. Notes: Honey, Dried Red Fruit and Chocolate.

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Our Coffee

Seductive complexity between delicate fruit acidity and silky medium body, with sweet aromatic notes, and with a long-lasting aftertaste of smooth chocolate. Cultivated between 1050 and 1850 meters above sea level – called the highland coffees, which provide a cup among the best worldwide.  Farmer’s coffee annually produces one of the best cups in his department/coffee region. Only available in 12 oz.

Our Promise

Every cup of coffee improves lives worldwide.  RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS intends to conduct third party fundraisers and donations to non-profit organizations.  We invite you to enjoy our specialty coffee and to join us on our journey to improve lives through our love of specialty coffee.

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Weight 12 oz

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  1. Gilbert Padilla

    A solid Army Veteran who is supporting numerous non-profits to pass it forward through his coffee company. His coffee is truly the authentic Colombia bean and the flavor is rich and smooth.

  2. Jed Smith

    WOW! When I opened the bag, I couldn’t believe the aroma. This is a different kind of bean for sure. Earthy, rich, and very attractive. Not your regular coffee bean. I brewed my first pot and the smell in the house was amazing. Had my first sip, black. Best black cup I’ve ever had. Added just a touch of raw sugar and cream; Heaven!

  3. Elliot Gardner

    Very good tasting beans. Not overpowering, but still good flavor in every cup. I served some to my coffee-guzzling relatives at Thanksgiving and they were all impressed by the aroma and taste.

  4. Ryan D.

    Solid premium coffee. You can smell the fruitiness when you open the bag. Goes down with a smooth finish.

  5. Gladys

    Best coffee ever. The aroma is unbelievable.
    When I had my first cup, all I thought was “amazing”!

  6. Bgorman22902

    I love this stuff! Fantastic medium roast with a hint of Earthiness and smooth finish. I’m picking up a few extra bags to go along with Christmas gifts. Well done sir!

  7. Gloria Gravez

    You can smell the richness of the coffee even before you open the bag. It’s smooth and tasty. It’s not over powering and tasteful to the last drop. The owner is a true Patriot. A veteran that helps out other veterans. I would recommend a bag to anyone. It would only take one bag and they would be hooked.

  8. Adam Locklin

    Used a pour over method and has a smooth taste. Would agree that it has a medium flavor, not too bold or over powering or bitter. Brought into work and the crew likes it as well. Look forward to trying another batch.

  9. Scott

    Coffee is awesome.

  10. Lou

    Excellent job! The aroma is amazing and the first cup was as the aroma suggested. A smooth medium brew with blended fruity and earthy flavors and no bitterness. Just a great cup of coffee.

  11. Darlene

    This coffee is very, very different from other coffee brands that I’ve tasted. First of all, it has a very nice aroma and the taste is smooth, not bitter like other brands. I was surprised it did not leave an after taste and most importantly, I did not experience any acid reflux like I do when I drink other brands of coffee. I’m definitely hooked!!! I will be placing an order for more !!!!

  12. Girely Dominguez

    Excellent coffee, love serving this type of coffee in the hair salon. Taste really good and not bitter. Diners, Restaurants and cafe’s really need to consider serving this coffee. ? love it!

  13. Amber

    Excellent company, service, and product! Would highly recommend!

  14. nomadninja

    Luis has brought forth to coffee lovers around the world a distinctive mild aromatic coffee that is roasted to perfection. The coffee has smooth bold taste that refreshes the senses of great coffee taste. I love it!

  15. Vannesa

    Wonderful breakfast coffee. It was a very nostalgic experience for me. Perfect with my tia’s homemade pan dulce. Very smooth coffee with wonderful chocolaty taste.

  16. Kenneth Reyes

    Simply amazing coffee. I’m used to the American big brand’s experience, so I was utterly blown away by the rich flavor. I’m never going back to the store-bought stuff.

  17. Joe Van

    I usually don’t write any reviews for things I purchase but that being said I opened my first bag of coffee beans and I already knew just by the aroma the coffee was going to be great after loading my super automatic Delonghi machine and hitting the button I had one of the most flavorful cup of coffee I had in a long time. I have canceled my monthly subscription with another coffee brand (Li…..y ) I have found a new brand …..Rendezvous Single Origin Specialty Coffee

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