FAQs of the Ambassador/Affiliate Program

What’s an ambassador/affiliate?
As an approved Rendezvous Eje Origins affiliate, you will be able to place text links and banners on your site or digital promotions that will direct visitors to Rendezvous Eje Origins. For every visitor you that buys coffee, you earn a commission.

What are the commission rates?
Commission rates are determined on a case-by-case basis. Once you’ve filled out your application, please contact info@rendezvousejeorigins.com to be assigned a commission rate.

What does it cost to join the Rendezvous Eje Origins affiliate program?
The Rendezvous Eje Origins affiliate program is free. We pay you.
However, we recommend you try the coffee before you promote it.

Why partner with Rendezvous Eje Origins?
You’ll be partnering to provide consumers with specialty coffee at great prices. Most important you’ll be helping coffee farmers directly to help operate their coffee farms and support their families. You’ll have the opportunity to use pre-approved marketing materials directly from Rendezvous Eje Origins to help drive business to your site or social media account.

How are memberships tracked and credited to me?
Each affiliate link will contain a unique Ambassador/Affiliate ID specific to you. Every time a customer clicks on the link it provides an opportunity to buy specialty coffee. Once a purchase is complete, we will credit your Ambassador/affiliate account. Disbursements will be done monthly.

What kind of links can I use?
We have a variety of text links and banner links available that will be updated routinely, depending on our different seasonal promotions. Plus, we can customize creative work based on your requirements.

Where can I place these links?
You can place these links on your website homepage, product pages, blog posts, email newsletters, or social media channels.

Is there a minimum threshold I must reach before releasing payment?
There is a minimum funds threshold which must be reached before you can release funds from the console. As standard, this threshold is $10 USD (or equivalent in other currencies).

I’m having trouble setting up my payment, who can I contact?
Please contact info@rendezvousejeorigins.com for all payment-related inquiries.