Who is RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS COFFEE COMPANY? Veteran Owned Specialty Origin Coffee Company that works with a cooperative of Colombian farmers to offer 100% high quality Colombian SINGLE Origin coffee. Our team personally visits the different coffee plantations in Colombia to source some of the Best Single Origin Colombian Beans.

WHY BUY OUR SPECIALTY ORIGIN COFFEE? Our single origin beans are carefully selected and supervised during the harvesting, de-pulping, fermentation, roasting, and packaging processes. RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS is dedicated to providing some of the best specialty single origin coffee at an affordable price due to a very lean distribution strategy and working directly with farmers. In essence, you are getting a superior single origin at some our competitors coffee blend price! Currently our product is available in 2lb packages in order to provide you with this strongly competitive price. We do not roast inferior single origins and we do not mix inferior and quality single origins beans to produce a decent coffee blend to achieve cost saving.

IS RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE ORGANIZATION? With every purchase, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profit of your choice. If you do not elect a non–profit organization, your purchase will be allocated to Disabled American Veteran, Inc.  View a partial list of organizations we are helping through our love of coffee. 

HOW IS THE PRODUCT SHIPPED? Our coffee is roasted in Colombia, and arrives in the US warehouse 4 days later after being roasted (Air Shipped). Your order gets processed immediately and shipped to you. Our intent is to ship coffee weekly to the warehouse so there will always be fresh coffee available.

HOW DO I RETURN A COFFEE PURCHASE? If the product has been damaged you will get another bag shipped to you. If you require further assistance, please email info@rendezvousejeorigins.com

ARE PAYMENTS SAFE? Our Website is powered by GoDaddy.com, and they have taken the precautionary measures to best protect your information. We also subscribe to McAFee Security Solutions to protect the integrity of the website.  Lastly, we offer customers the opportunity to pay via Paypal, Amazon user account, and Stripe credit card services to protect your personal information.