Partnering with over 150 years of artisan roasting

Since 2012, Luis Luna, founder of RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS, has traveled to Colombia enjoying some of the best coffee single origins Colombia has to offer. With hopes of bringing the same exquisite coffee experience to others, he established RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS.  Throughout his travels to different Colombian departments, he visited over 100 small coffee farms, and is still visiting new farms to find the most exquisite single origin coffee.

Every cup of coffee improves lives

RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS’ mission is to provide specialty coffee with the promise of bettering lives of people worldwide. We promote photography, art, coffee, and support health organizations, wildlife, military, and law enforcement. Our intent is to conduct third party fundraisers and donations to support the non-profit organizations.  Our donations will focus on MWR facilities and USO locations, but I am open to supporting other organizations.  View a partial list of organizations we intend to help through our love of coffee. We invite you to enjoy our specialty coffee and to join us on our journey.  

Entrepreneurial catalyst

LUIS ALBERTO LUNA is the Entrepreneurial Catalyst behind RENDEZVOUS EJE ORIGINS.  Born in New York, Luis’ embraced the incredible city that never sleeps that offers dreamers hope and the invitation to struggle and fight for their dreams.  After 9 years as a marketing professional and an editorial photographer, Luis decided to give back to our beautiful country through military service, and put his dreams and life aside. Luis served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army. 

During an Afghanistan deployment, a great friend from Colombia sent coffee bags of single origin coffee, and Luis shared them with his section.  At that point, the New Yorker decided that he wanted to return to marketing and sales by exporting coffee and hopefully building a factory in Colombia. For over four years, Luis became friends with numerous farmers, roasters and packaging companies to understand the dynamics of the coffee industry.  Exporting has commenced and factory plans are already underway.